Potent quotables: 5 iconic WWE sound bites

WWE's most iconic sound bites

A special look at WWE's most notorious and well-known quotes.

Members of the WWE Universe have their favorite Superstars and favorite matches, but it is the moments that are truly treasured among our longtime, passionate fans. Often, these memorable occurrences are marked by a line of speech uttered by a grappler or broadcaster. And sometimes, these utterances transcend the confines of the instant, emerging as iconic phrases that dot the historical timeline of WWE.

From absurd in-ring proclamations to harsh and cutting insults, these potent quotable become synonymous with a performer's persona, and have the potential to dramatically alter the landscape of sports-entertainment. Watch a collection of the very best sound bites above, and check out WWE Classics' list of favorites that left an indelible mark on the minds of the WWE Universe.

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"As God as my witness, he is broken in half!" – Jim Ross

Potent quotables: 5 iconic WWE sound bites

Few moments in WWE history are as iconic as The Undertaker tossing the deranged Mankind off the top of the demonic Hell in a Cell structure at 1998’s King of the Ring event. It solidified Mick Foley's status as a Hardcore Legend in WWE, and has remained a lasting image through the "Attitude Era" and beyond. The live Pittsburgh crowd knew they witnessed an amazing absorption of punishment by Foley, but play-by-play broadcaster Jim Ross made sure the home audience knew just how incredible the moment actually was. Ross seemed to be in genuine shock; his sentiments expressed simultaneous concern and admiration for Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy, and his words have echoed in highlight reels since, cementing both Foley the man and his death-defying leap's place in all-time sports-entertainment lore.


"Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions!" – Roddy Piper

Potent quotables: 5 iconic WWE sound bites

Recently, WWE Classics presented a list of the best talkers in sports-entertainment history ( FULL STORY). Ranking at No. 2 was WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Piper never won a World Championship in WWE, but his skills on the microphone were as devastating as any powerbomb or clothesline. Piper didn't need fists to throw punches – he jabbed with his words. Hot Rod's talents were always on display in the legendary Piper's Pit segments, where his erratic behavior would often leave rivals begging for mercy. While many fans recall Piper smashing a coconut on the head of Jimmy Snuka, it was the interview with everyman Frankie Williams that defined Piper's trademark wit. After condescending to Williams throughout their dialogue, Piper attacked his subject, grabbed the camera and shouted the now-famous phrase into the lens. The message was clear: Don't mess with Roddy. You never know what he'll say next.


"Get a nice shot of the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley." – Triple H

Potent quotables: 5 iconic WWE sound bites

Embroiled in a heated rivalry with Mr. McMahon in late 1999, Triple H hit The Chairman where it hurt most. On what should have been a joyous occasion, Stephanie McMahon's wedding ceremony to Test on Raw was interrupted with handheld footage of The Game marrying Mr. McMahon's daughter the night before at a drive-through chapel. Stephanie appeared to have been drugged and unconscious, and Triple H directed the now-notorious phrase into the camera. It shocked the WWE Universe and his new father-in-law, but turned out to be a brilliant mind game by the Superstar who would come to be known as The Cerebral Assassin.

Stephanie betrayed her father during The Chairman’s match against Triple H at Armageddon, aligning with her new husband. Their marriage shifted the balance of power in WWE for the next two years and propelled The Game to megastar status. The WWE Universe has seen their relationship go through various trials and tribulations, but today the pair remains WWE's office power couple, with Triple H assuming day-to-day operations as COO. Get a nice shot, indeed.


"I am Sir Michael Cole!" – Michael Cole

Potent quotables: 5 iconic WWE sound bites

Can I have your attention please? In 2010, Michael Cole — 13-year WWE broadcasting veteran — began to express his opinions more freely from the commentary table at ringside. Over the next year, his biased favoritism of The Miz grew to include grating comments about the entire roster, and his colleague Jerry "The King" Lawler had heard enough. After the newsman-cum-storyteller cost the WWE Hall of Famer an opportunity to win the WWE Championship, Lawler challenged the sniveling Cole to both men's first WrestleMania match. Despite being on the receiving end of a merciless assault from the King at WrestleMania XXVII, Cole was declared the winner on a technicality.

Following The Show of Shows, during a WWE European Tour, the former radio journalist was "knighted" in London, in an absurd ceremony that included "Queen Elizabeth." The pompous Cole declared the WWE Universe to be his "peasants," forced Jim Ross to kiss his vile foot and demanded to be addressed by his new obnoxious noble designation. Walter Cronkite, he ain't.


"It's me, Austin! It was me all along, Austin!" – Mr. McMahon

Potent quotables: 5 iconic WWE sound bites

During the Attitude Era, Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness were dominant forces of evil in WWE. Thankfully, the two factions were at odds with one another, preventing each from truly commandeering all of WWE. But when The Chairman took a leave of absence, his son Shane and The Deadman merged the groups to form The Corporate Ministry. The massive entity boasted nearly every sanctioned title among its members, and The Phenom defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWE Championship to bring WWE's most coveted prize to The Corporate Ministry.

In the faction's most defining and notorious moment, the identity of a "Higher Power" that had been alluded to and speculated on for weeks was revealed on Raw to be none other than Mr. McMahon. The shocking revelation proved The Chairman had been pulling all sorts of strings, including having his own daughter kidnapped in a devious hoax to pull the wool — or, in this case, the robe — over The Texas Rattlesnake's eyes.


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