Cardi B is a card-carrying WWE Universe member

Cardi B is a card-carrying WWE Universe member

What does Cardi B say when someone asks her about WWE? “I like it.”

The hip-hop megastar has been eagerly showing off her WWE fandom in recent weeks, first dropping Eddie Guerrero's "I lie. I cheat. I steal." catchphrase after one Twitter user suggested that it looked like she was rapping in the General Manager’s office from classic WWE video game, “SmackDown vs. Raw.” That then led to questioning over how deep Cardi’s WWE fanhood went, and the star revealed that she was a big fan of Eddie, Booker T, Batista, Triple H, Edge, Lita and The Brothers of Destruction.

Ample reaction from WWE Superstars poured in, including Brooke suggesting Cardi get on a remix of Eddie Guerrero’s theme, Booker T appreciating the love and Carmella letting Cardi know that her gear on this week’s SmackDown LIVE was inspired by the rap icon.

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