The War Raiders def. The Undisputed ERA to become NXT Tag Team Champions

Rowe launches Hanson into The Undisputed ERA: NXT TakeOver: Phoenix (WWE Network Exclusive)

The War Raiders use an innovative and destructive tag team move to take out The Undisputed ERA at NXT TakeOver: Courtesy of WWE Network.

PHOENIX – Where there’s war, there’s an undisputed claim waiting to happen. Despite having never actually conquered The War Raiders – a chair-wielding Bobby Fish on the Oct. 17 edition of NXT allowed them to skate away – The Undisputed ERA spent the last few months walking and talking like they had. But it was put up or shut up in The Valley of the Sun, and Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly met a reality they didn’t anticipate.   

Using the fiery real estate of Phoenix’s Talking Stick Resort Arena to their advantage, Hanson & Rowe unleashed their scalding disdain for Strong & O’Reilly by using their incredible power to fling the titleholders all around the canvas. After a vicious start from the Undisputed ERA duo, Rowe & Hanson fired back with their double-team prowess; Rowe scooped up Hanson while positioned on the ring apron and slammed him onto their opponents, flattening them both on the outside. The battle-hardened, modern-day Vikings were more than ready for the champions’ trickery, but the irreverent champions used their tenacity to prolong the action. Strong lived up to his Messiah of the Backbreaker moniker, cracking Rowe with a few spine-tingling backbreakers to shift the momentum, and O’Reilly followed up with his own cache of painful submission holds.

ERA’s finely-tuned tandem offense forced the juggernauts on defense, but Hanson & Rowe refused to allow their raid to be snuffed out this night. Strong superplexed Hanson from the top turnbuckle for O’Reilly to follow up with a diving knee, but it wasn’t enough for the 1-2-3. The nefarious duo then delivered their devastating High-Low, a move that has seen Undisputed ERA defeat just about everyone in their path, but The War Raiders refused to go down. Hanson & Rowe recouped soon after to raid the NXT Tag Team Titles, snagging O’Reilly for the Fallout to reign, pillage and spoil Strong & O’Reilly’s undisputed 2019 plans.

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