The Forgotten Sons def. The Street Profits

Street Profits vs. Forgotten Sons: WWE NXT, Sept. 5, 2018

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins battle the debuting Forgotten Sons, Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Do The Forgotten Sons have your attention now?

After demanding that NXT General Manager William Regal finally grant them a match on WWE NXT, Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler, collectively known as The Forgotten Sons, made their long-awaited WWE Network debut against The Street Profits. The roughneck duo (who were accompanied by their heavy hitter, Jaxson Ryker) came out of the gates swinging, and The Sultans of Swag—who were still riding high after their win against The Mighty weeks ago — were all too happy to oblige, setting the stage for a fiery battle.

Both squads used explosive double-team maneuvers to gain control as the momentum swung back and forth. Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins scored early on with slick stereo dropkicks, but The Forgotten Sons returned fire moments later with a sinister double neckbreaker.

A late-match DDT from Ford to Blake seemed to put The Street Profits on the brink of victory until two masked men ran to ringside and stole Ford & Dawkins’ chains. Ford gave chase and tore off one of the interloper’s hoods, revealing The Mighty’s Shane Thorne underneath. Ryker took advantage of the distraction, clobbering Ford with a clothesline on the floor behind the referee’s back. He then rolled Ford’s limp body into the ring, where Blake & Cutler finished him off with an inverted DDT/knee drop combination for the pin.

With such an impactful debut, The Forgotten Sons ensured they won’t be forgotten anytime soon. As for The Mighty’s meddling in The Street Profits’ business, don’t expect Ford & Dawkins to forget about that, either.

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