The Hardy Boyz addressed their future as SmackDown Tag Team Champions before Lars Sullivan attacked

The Hardy Boyz give up the SmackDown Tag Team Titles: SmackDown LIVE, April 30, 2019

Because Jeff Hardy will require surgery, The Hardy Boyz must relinquish the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, though Lars Sullivan has other plans.

After being brutalized by Lars Sullivan several weeks ago, Jeff Hardy sustained an injury that will require surgery, and thus, he and Matt Hardy came to SmackDown LIVE to announce that they were going to have to relinquish the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

This somber moment soon turned frightening when Sullivan interrupted, clearly with intent to once again harm The Hardys. Lars first targeted Matt, taking him out with the Freak Accident before turning his attention to Jeff. Hardy was ready to fend off Sullivan with his crutch, but The Freak couldn’t get to Jeff, as R-Truth - who has absorbed several attacks from Sullivan - hit the scene wielding a steel chair. Truth slammed the chair against Sullivan’s back, but the blow did not phase The Freak in the slightest. When Truth took another swing, Lars punched the chair right out of his hands and brutalized him, finishing him off with a ring-rattling running powerbomb.

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