The New Day anointed a new honorary group member on “The Kevin Owens Show”

Kevin Owens wants to join The New Day: SmackDown LIVE, April 16, 2019

On a Superstar Shake-up edition of "The Kevin Owens Show," KO asks if he can fill for the injured Big E.

MONTREAL — In his backyard of Montreal, Kevin Owens kicked off SmackDown LIVE’s portion of the Superstar Shake-up by hosting “The Kevin Owens Show” with guests WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day.

KO spoke passionately in front of his country people, speaking in their native tongue of French-Canadian to say that tonight was his WrestleMania before welcoming Kingston & Woods (Big E is recovering from injuries sustained last week). Owens was incredibly congratulatory of all Kingston has accomplished in recent months, leading a massive ovation from the WWE Universe in Montreal’s Belle Center. Following Woods having a mini-panic attack over the Superstar Shake-up really cutting into his UpUpDownDown roster, Owens tossed around the idea that he (Big O) should be the newest honorary member of The New Day. Owens proved that he had the hip techniques to join the ranks, and with the WWE Universe fully in support, Big O was bestowed with a New Day crop top and a Unicorn bandana, confirming his status as the newest member of The New Day.

Watching on were Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura, who were scheduled to have a tag team match against Kingston & Woods tonight. However, also seeing this jovialness in disgust was Cesaro, who suggested that tonight’s bout should now be a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

New alignment for The New Day and, seemingly, new challenges too.

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