Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens to earn his way into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens - No Disqualification Match: Raw, March 27, 2017

The Underdog from the Underground will be fired if he fails to defeat his former best friend live on Raw.

If you thought Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon’s vendetta against Mick Foley devotee Sami Zayn ended with him getting choked out by Samoa Joe, you were sorely mistaken. Not only did she put The Underdog from the Underground into a No Disqualification Match against Kevin Owens when he tried to declare for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, she attached a dire stipulation to it: If Zayn won, he’d be in the Battle Royal; if he lost, he’d be fired.

Good news, though: The No Disqualification rule meant Chris Jericho was free to save Zayn at the moment of truth, thwarting an attempted interference from Joe and allowing Zayn to roll up KO for the win. Owens received no quarter after the match, either. The Prizefighter was swarmed by the U.S. Champion and sent running. Moments later, Owens received the ultimate, crushing declaration of war before his and Jericho's title match at WrestleMania: a long-awaited spot on the resurrected List of Jericho.

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