Liv Morgan crashed the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley

Liv Morgan crashed the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley

You know those parts of weddings where they ask you to speak now or forever hold your peace? Bobby Lashley and Lana had a bunch of those at their wedding, ranging from the expected to the very, very, very unexpected when Liv Morgan showed up to bring the ceremony to a halt.

For a while, the wedding proceeded as expected. Nobody had apparently accepted the invites, and Lashley walked down the aisle in a sleeveless tux. Lana yelled at the audience when they kept chanting “Rusev Day,” declared this was the happiest day of Lashley’s life and revealed she’d written the groom’s vows. And then, the officiant got to the part where any man or woman (this will be important in a minute) with just cause could speak up, and things got interesting. First was Lana’s first husband, who was swiftly dispatched by Lashley. Next was Lashley’s first wife, who caught a bouquet to the face from The Ravishing Russian. And then, after the increasingly harried officiant asked for a third time whether anybody objected, Liv Morgan reappeared.

The returning Superstar, who’d only been glimpsed in vignettes over the past few weeks, tearfully claimed she couldn’t allow the wedding to go on and that she wouldn’t have gotten through the last year without the person who became the “love of her life.” Lashley was confused since he’d never laid a hand on Liv Morgan. Oh no, she retorted; she wasn’t there for Lashley. She was there for Lana.

With Lashley and the priest both speechless, Liv pleaded with a teary-eyed Lana to stop the wedding, and The Ravishing Russian decked Morgan, raining down punches in what quickly became a brawl until a WWE crew pulled Liv off of Lana. And then, when it looked like the wedding might finally happen, the giant cake separated to reveal Rusev, who absolutely obliterated Lashley while Lana watched. Liv roared back and rubbed her apparently estranged love’s face in the wedding cake. Suffice it to say, the wedding of the decade lived up to its name. What awaits in 2020? If tonight is any indication, it could literally be anything.

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