EC3 def. Dean Ambrose

EC3 vs. Dean Ambrose: Raw, Feb. 4, 2019

EC3 battles a former WWE Champion in his first red brand match.

Among all the new arrivals to WWE, EC3 has easily been the most enigmatic. So it was somewhat understandable that Dean Ambrose crashed The Top One Percent’s “Moment of Bliss” interview before EC3 could even get a word out, perhaps sensing the new arrival would be easy pickings for an in-ring embarrassment. And true, Ambrose did pry EC3 away from the hungry eyes of Alexa Bliss (though in fairness, Nia Jax had already interrupted the proceedings to brag about her accomplishments over the past week), but the newcomer left the former WWE Champion seeing red when he defeated The Lunatic Fringe with a jackknife cover. The loss left Ambrose fuming for the second straight week, and EC3 walked out having made quite the statement — not bad for a guy who still hasn’t spoken.

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