WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville def. Rich Swann

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville def. Rich Swann

Having just finished his second successful defense of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in as many nights, Neville was having himself a pretty good evening on Raw — at least, until he got a pure unadulterated dose of GREATNESS straight to the face from a most unlikely source.

Rich Swann finally called in his rematch for the title, having been hampered by injury and Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s challenge at WWE Fastlane. The former champion almost became a two-timer in a Chicago classic, but Neville managed to kick out of the Rich Kick, dodge the Phoenix Splash and lock in the Rings of Saturn for the win. Neville was quick to claim that he was beyond competition in the division during his post-match interview with Austin Aries, but he got a little too aggressive with A-Double when the WWE Universe suggested Aries might pose a challenge to the King. So Aries concluded his interview — and possibly his journalistic career — by punching Neville in the face and knocking him out of the ring with a discus forearm. OK, we’ll say it: That was great.

Rich Swann vs. Neville - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Raw, March 6, 2017

The fun-loving Rich Swann is all business as aims to dethrone The King of the Cruiserweights in this championship clash.

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