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Friday, May 27 | 10/9 PMC

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Friday, May 27 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: May 27, 2022

Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward def. Damaris Griffin & Bryson Montana

Though the WWE Universe was initially skeptical, Chase University and its head professor Andre Chase continue to gain more credibility by the match.

And no one has bought into the curriculum more than star pupil Bodhi Hayward, who received a critical tag from Chase and brought the student section to its feet by clobbering Damaris Griffin and Bryson Montana with chop blocks, a shoulder tackle and a standing splash.

Moments later, Hayward tagged Chase back into the bout, and they joined forces to land the decisive “Fratliner” on Montana.

Amari Miller def. Arianna Grace

After defeating Amari Miller in her debut match last month on NXT Level Up, rookie Arianna Grace displayed all the confidence of a seasoned veteran while marching to the squared circle for a rematch against her ever-popular opponent.

Miller, however, had all the motivation she needed after offering a handshake at the toll of the bell, only to have Grace grab her hand and catch her with a boot to the midsection.

As animosity increased with every strike, hold and high-impact maneuver, Grace seemed to be closing in on a victory when she repeatedly bounced her opponent face-first off the canvas, but the quick-thinking Miller rolled out of a pin attempt and stacked up Grace for the 1-2-3!

Trick Williams def. Dante Chen

Overcoming the menacing Trick Williams while also having to deal with constant trash talk from No. 1 Contender to the NXT North American Title Carmelo Hayes proved to be too tall of an order for Dante Chen, who put up a valiant effort against all odds.

In fact, Chen nearly scored the win when he landed an inverted atomic drop and a back suplex before rolling up his opponent for a long two-count.

Williams turned the tables in the blink of an eye, however, as he kicked out of the pinning predicament and immediately blasted Chen with the Trick Kick to score the win.