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Friday, Jun 24 | 10/9 PMC

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Friday, Jun 24 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: June 24, 2022

Quincy Elliott def. Bryson Montana

Quincy Elliott vs. Bryson Montana: NXT Level Up, June 24, 2022

The one-of a-kind Quincy Elliott tangles with the outspoken Bryson Montana in a clash that brings the WWE Universe to a fever pitch. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

You need to be ready to back up your words when you proclaim, “Forget about creating the moment. I am the moment.”

Those were the sentiments shared by Quincy Elliott prior to his clash with the equally brash Bryson Montana, who enjoyed a pre-match flexing session before claiming the upper hand on his much larger adversary by taking him down with a stiff clothesline and a series of clubbing blows to the back.

A resilient Elliott fired back with a flying reverse elbow to the jaw and a unique swinging splash from the middle rope to earn his first career win.

Kiana James def. Brooklyn Barlow

Brooklyn Barlow vs. Kiana James: NXT Level Up, June 24, 2022

In a clash between two high-upside competitors, Brooklyn Barlow and Kiana James each seek their first career win in a barnburner. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Quincy Elliott wouldn’t be the only Superstar to claim their first win, as the energetic Brooklyn Barlow and the arrogant Kiana James locked horns while each seeking victory No. 1.

James, who left her desk job to pursue sports-entertainment superstardom, certainly wasn’t lacking in confidence, as she started the match with a test of strength while trash-talking her opponent. Moments later, she continued to berate Barlow after planting her with a picture-perfect body slam.

Barlow showed impressive athleticism by going sky high to nail James with a dropkick, but James recovered and sealed the victory by hoisting Barlow into the air and dropping her face-first into her knee.

Ikemen Jiro def. Ru Feng

Ikemen Jiro vs. Ru Feng: NXT Level Up, June 24, 2022

Two popular Superstars seek an important victory, as the ever-enthusiastic Ikemen Jiro collides with no-nonsense striker Ru Feng. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Going 2-0 against an accomplished striker such as Ru Feng is no easy task, but the tie dye jacket-clad Ikemen Jiro passed with flying colors. Pun intended.

The no-nonsense Feng shrugged off Jiro’s early match antics, throwing him face-first into the canvas and stomping away at Jiro’s knee to slow the pace to his liking.

With the WWE Universe chanting his name, Jiro eventually got back on track, sending Feng flying across the ring with a monkey flip, landing a series of Jacket Punches and hitting a match-clinching Ikemen Slash.