5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

It’s time to shake things up! The Superstar Shake-up goes international this year, as Raw and SmackDown LIVE emanate from Montreal and prepare for dramatic changes to their rosters.

Which Superstars might switch brands? What possibilities would these jumps create? WWE.com’s editors got together and made 5 picks as to who they’d like to see switch brands in this year’s Superstar Shake-up. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

Braun Strowman to SmackDown LIVE

5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

As Braun Strowman demonstrated when he arrived on SmackDown LIVE to brawl with Samoa Joe, he doesn’t really care what brand he’s on, as long as there’s someone waiting to get these hands.

But, after prowling the jungle that is Monday Night Raw for nearly three years, a change of scenery might do The Monster Among Men a world of good. A move to the blue brand could reinvigorate Strowman’s thirst for competition with a fresh field of Superstars to crush. How would he fare against the high-flying AJ Styles? Could he handle the relentless onslaught of Daniel Bryan? There’s only one way to find out… —BOBBY MELOK 

Xavier Woods to Raw

5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

Don’t you dare be sour, but if The New Day had to be separated in the Superstar Shake-up – not that it’s something we’d ever want to see under normal circumstances – we think Xavier Woods would shine on his own on Monday Night Raw. His varied musical talents would help stave off Elias’ persistent, self-aggrandizing performances, and we’d get to see the five-time Tag Team Champion shine in singles competition for the first time, truly, since the 2014 formation of The New Day.

Outside the ring, Woods would bring his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel to Team Red as well, and we would get to see an entirely new assortment of Superstars lock up in the digital space, compete for the new UpUpDownDown Championship and “Keep. It. Tight.” —JAMES WORTMAN 

Sasha Banks to SmackDown LIVE

5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

Sasha Banks is a four-time Raw Women’s Champion, but those reigns only average 20 days. Frankly, she needs a fresh start. Why not venture over to SmackDown LIVE — a brand she’s always loved. The Boss grew up rooting for SmackDown mainstays like Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio. Plus, before the 2016 WWE Brand Extension Draft, she basically said she wanted to compete on the blue brand.

Sasha has made it clear that she’s focused on building up the Women’s Tag Team division alongside Bayley right now, but a move to Tuesday nights doesn’t mean Bayley can’t join her. Whether it’s The Boss ’N’ Hug Connection or just The Boss, Sasha could live out her dream and become an all-time SmackDown great.  – JEFF LABOON

The Undisputed ERA to Raw

5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

How’s this for a shock to the system: After running amuck on NXT for almost two years, The Undisputed ERA pulls the rug from under the red brand with a statement-making debut as part of the Superstar Shake-up.

Frankly, no example illustrates this potential shift better than their strong-arm debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, when Adam Cole (“BAY BAY!”) hoisted the NXT Title moments after Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish made a beeline for the NXT Tag Team Titles. With Roderick Strong joining the foray a few months later, it not only strengthened their numbers game but also the collective threat they pose to any locker room. Like sharks encircling prey, Undisputed ERA have conquered and devoured almost everything in their path on the black-and-gold brand. A move to Raw would provide these outlaws fresh fish and a new environment to expand their dominance. And that right there is Undisputed. – RALPH BRISTOUT

Roman Reigns to Smackdown LIVE

5 moves we want to see in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up

Okay, so this is a hot take. Roman Reigns, after all, has been one of one of Raw’s lynchpins even prior to the 2016 Brand Extension, and it’s tough to imagine taking him away from the Universal Title he never lost. But The Big Dog’s return from his leukemia battle has opened the door for a full-fledged reboot of his in-ring career – why not take advantage? Move him away from Monday nights, where he’s run the roost and beaten everyone there is to beat, and send him to SmackDown LIVE to see how he fares against ready-to-pop new talent (Andrade), old rivals who have reached their final form (AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan), or even veteran Superstars who have finally tasted glory (Kofi Kingston). He’s made his mark on Raw already, perhaps it’s time to seek out new yards to conquer. – ANTHONY BENIGNO

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