10 classic ECW Supershows added to WWE Network

ECW Supershows on WWE Network

WWE Network’s huge catalog of classic in-ring offerings just got more extreme, as a new trove of Extreme Championship Wrestling Supershows from the 1990s is now available to subscribers.

The new release includes 10 full-length shows, even featuring events from the revolutionary promotion’s earliest days, when the “E” in ECW still stood for “Eastern.” There’s a lot to digest — the first stateside meeting of Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko; hardcore clashes with Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, Sandman and Raven; the introduction of ECW Originals like The Gangstas and “The Queen of Extreme” Francine — so check out the descriptions of the new releases below, then head to WWE Network to start your extreme binging!

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Super Summer Sizzler 1993
Before Eastern Championship Wrestling gets taken to the extreme, ECW presents Super Summer Sizzler. Eddie Gilbert faces Terry Funk, plus The Sandman, Dick Murdoch and more compete in this special event from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

Ultra Clash 1993
The Sandman challenges Shane Douglas for the ECW Heavyweight Championship. Terry Funk & Stan Hansen join forces to take on Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher in a Texas Tornado Bunkhouse Match. Plus, a Scaffold Match, Baseball Bat Match and more extreme battles.

Heat Wave 1994
It's "The Battle for the Future" at Heat Wave 1994. In the main event, The Public Enemy face Terry & Dory Funk. Also featuring Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, The Bad Breed and more in action.

Tag Wars 1994
Witness ECW's most extreme tag team matches of 1994. See Sabu & The Tazmaniac clash with Dean & Joe Malenko, The Pitbulls against The Bad Breed in a Dog Collar Match, The Public Enemy vs. The Bruise Brothers and more.

Double Tables 1995
The Public Enemy defend their ECW Tag Team Titles against Sabu & Taz in a Double Tables Match, and Shane Douglas defends the ECW World Heavyweight Title against Tully Blanchard. ECW icons clash when Cactus Jack faces The Sandman in a Texas Death Match, and Tommy Dreamer battles Steve Richards.

Return of the Funker 1995
Terry Funk makes his return to ECW. Cactus Jack competes in the main event. Also in action: Sabu, The Tazmaniac, The Pitbulls, Shane Douglas and many more.

Hostile City Showdown 1995
Hardcore legends do battle when Cactus Jack faces Terry Funk. Multiple titles are on the line as Shane Douglas defends the ECW World Heavyweight Title against The Sandman, Dean Malenko challenges Eddie Guerrero for the ECW World Television Title, and The Public Enemy battle The Pitbulls for the ECW World Tag Team Titles.

Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko put on a clinic at ECW Hostile City Showdown 1995

Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko’s technical wrestling brilliance is on display in this battle from ECW Hostile City Showdown 1995, available to stream anytime on demand on the award-winning WWE Network.

Enter the Sandman 1995
ECW Champion The Sandman defends his title twice in one night in separate matches against Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas. Eddie Guerrero faces Dean Malenko in a classic encounter. Brothers Axl and Ian Rotten go to war with each other. Raven, Tommy Dreamer, The Public Enemy and more in extreme action.

Barbed Wire, Hoodies and Chokeslams
ECW World Heavyweight Champion The Sandman battles Cactus Jack in a Barbed Wire Match. 2 Cold Scorpio & Taz clash with Raven & The Pitbulls, and Beulah McGillicutty faces Luna Vachon. Plus, Mikey Whipwreck, Tommy Dreamer, The Public Enemy and more.

ECW Heat Wave 1995
The Public Enemy battle The Gangstas in a Steel Cage Match. Tommy Dreamer & The Pitbulls take on Raven & The Dudleys in Six-Man Tag Team action. ECW Champion The Sandman defends his title against Axl Rotten. Also featuring Stevie Richards, Luna Vachon, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and more.

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