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WWE Superstars Results: Wrecking the party

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Chris Masters def. Curt Hawkins (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Something must have lit a fire under Chris Masters recently, because the big man has been simply dominant in recent weeks. After scoring two major victories over the destructive Tyler Reks in recent weeks, The Masterpiece continued his winning streak by overpowering the arrogant Curt Hawkins and putting him away with The Master Lock. The powerhouse’s celebration was short-lived, however. Without warning, Reks stormed the ring and nailed Masters with a debilitating Burning Hammer. Clearly, the rivalry between these two titans is far from over.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. Zack Ryder & Primo (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Two weeks after losing the WWE Tag Team Titles, Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov began to work their way back up the tag ranks with a victory over the cocky pair of Zack Ryder & Primo. A talented team despite their arrogance, Ryder & Primo were formidable opponents for the former champions, but Marella & Kozlov’s experience won out in the end. All it took was a vicious Cobra strike from the Italian Superstar to net a big victory for the odd couple.

R-Truth def. William Regal (WATCH | PHOTOS)
R-Truth and William Regal have practically nothing in common. Truth is a fast, flashy rapper from the American south. Regal is an arrogant, uptight snob from England. The two Superstars couldn’t be more different — except for the fact that both men are talented veterans that know how to win. These ring smarts made for an interesting encounter as Regal attempted to use his brutal, submission-based offense to slow down Truth’s blistering speed and cunning. The British Brawler’s strategy worked for much of the bout until the rapping Superstar pulled off a reversal out of nowhere to score the win. Now that’s what’s up.