Blake and Murphy’s improbable dream

Blake and Murphy’s improbable dream

It’s a Monday morning at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla. Per their usual routine, Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake are lacing up their boots inside the locker room while cracking jokes and discussing ideas to expand their already diversified in-ring arsenal. The only difference between this day and the months prior is the 15-pound accessory that both men now carry in their respective bags: the NXT Tag Team Championship.

“It’s an absolutely amazing feeling for us,” Blake told as both Superstars took a moment to discuss their accomplishment. “When you work so hard to get to a certain place and you finally achieve it, it’s unforgettable.

“What makes the whole experience better? I did it with my best friend, or as he would say,mate,” Blake added, with a laugh. 

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The sentiment was shared by Murphy, who finds historic significance in the team’s unexpected feat.

“This isn’t just an accomplishment for me but for my home country,” he said. “This title makes me the first Australian-born Superstar to ever hold a WWE championship.”

So how did Blake, a Texan, come to develop such a strong bond with Murphy? Both men credit their mutual love of training, eating and even miniature golf.

“Murphy and I started in NXT right when the Performance Center opened in July 2013,” Blake told “We instantly hit it off. We hung out all the time like brothers, with the exception of living together.”

Blake and Murphy’s improbable dream
After trying multiple failed directions to kick-start their singles careers, both men discussed the idea of using their similar situations to their advantage. The result? Two men who would debut at Full Sail University as an impressive new tandem that seemingly overnight would earn the highest of praise as NXT Tag Team Champions. 

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“Murphy and I basically made a vow that we wanted to be a team that would bring a different kind of energy to the tag team division,” Blake said. “I honestly believe we can do a lot of things that other teams just aren’t capable of, and now that we’ve made a statement with these titles, we plan to keep shocking and awing everyone every week.”

Their next attempt to shock and awe will come this Wednesday at NXT TakeOver: Rival, where Blake and Murphy have agreed to satisfy The Lucha Dragons’ automatic rematch clause. “The Lucha Dragons are amazing, but we plan on being better,” Murphy confidently stated. “We worked so hard just to get to this point, but we are also more than prepared to fight harder just to keep the titles.”

Many NXT aficionados believe that Blake & Murphy have the potential to be one of the most exciting teams the WWE Universe has seen in quite some time. That desire to reach, if not exceed, their potential is an attribute both learned at an early age.

“I was just a skinny little redhead kid who got bullied in school,” Murphy explained. “Watching larger-than-life characters on WWE television was my way of escaping. Now I have a chance to be that escape for a young kid watching us.” 

As for Blake, he credits motherly inspiration.

“After my parents divorced, my mother had to raise my little sister and myself,” he said. “She worked a dead-end job but she had enough courage to go back to college and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. It was her determination and inspiration that motivated me to chase my dream.”

Whether Blake & Murphy’s championship win will be considered a fluke victory will be decided at NXT TakeOver: Rival against The Lucha Dragons. But what we do know is that their improbable dream could become a reality for years to come.

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