Forgotten no more: The Forgotten Sons talk broken promises and creating a legacy of destruction

Forgotten no more: The Forgotten Sons talk broken promises and creating a legacy of destruction

In the ever-evolving landscape of NXT, there are three Superstars who have bonded together to turn NXT on its head. Although they’ve all taken different paths to NXT, Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler & Jaxson Ryker — aka, The Forgotten Sons — have all vowed to no longer fly under the radar in the black-and-gold brand. This week, gets some extra insight behind the team’s motivation and their collective message for NXT Superstars.

WWE.COM: How did the group known as The Forgotten Sons come to be?

JAXSON RYKER: Three men. Same frustrations. A so-called American “promise.” A promise that by doing the right thing, working hard and showing up on time, you will achieve everything you ever dreamed of. It’s a complete lie. The promise was tossed aside, cast out and forgotten. The three of us realized we all have the same ideals and goals here in NXT. We know we are unstoppable as a unit and we will not let anyone forget us again.

WWE.COM: Cutler, what personally motivated you to get behind the cause?

STEVE CUTLER: I pride myself on being self-motivated. I’m not here in NXT for mediocrity. Most people want to look back on a career and see a beautiful path that they left behind. I want to leave a path of destruction behind me. I want to look back and smile knowing I did it my way. With the three of us, we’ll leave a lasting legacy of destruction that will be remembered.

WWE.COM: What about you, Blake?

WESLEY BLAKE: What has motivated me is frustration. It’s frustrating that you’re giving me a Q&A because I was passed over and overlooked. Now you want to ask me about motivation, like I’m supposed to give an inspirational quote to help others?! I don’t want to help others! I want to help us, The Forgotten Sons.

WWE.COM: That’s understandable. Ryker, why do you believe The Forgotten Sons pose a threat to NXT?

RYKER: The Forgotten Sons have nothing to lose. And we have no mercy. We are a unit, a brotherhood with unsettling motivations. You’ll see.

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WWE.COM: Why do you gentlemen feel you’ve all experienced the feeling of not getting the opportunities you deserve?

CUTLER: Opportunities we deserve? Ever since NXT General Manager William Regal gave us our first opportunity, we have done nothing except what we said we would do. That’s "do unto others" and never be forgotten again.

WWE.COM: Blake, we know you’ve had opportunities in the past.  At one point you and 205 Live’s Buddy Murphy held the NXT Tag Team Titles for seven months. What’s the difference between that version of Wesley Blake and the man we see today?

BLAKE: The difference is, Blake as champion was just that. A vessel. A marquee. Someone with no identity without that championship. Now, I have a family that’s a bond and our purpose is stronger than ever. The man, Wesley Blake, that you see now, is fulfilled.

WWE.COM: Cutler, how did your experience serving in the United States Marine Corps impact how you approach this new road in your career?

CUTLER: My experience? My experience in the Marine Corps is my business. Not yours and not the NXT Universe’s. For how it prepared me? It taught me tactics and skills that you should fear.

WWE.COM: Ryker, you’ve also served our country proud as a Marine. I direct the same question to you. How did your training affect your discipline as you aim to make a statement in NXT?

RYKER: All you have to do is look into my eyes. Does that answer your discipline question? I was a part of things in the Marine Corps that made me who I am. It fuels my rage. I believe The Forgotten Sons have already made a statement. Twitter and all of social media are talking about us. They want to know more. Who are we? What drives us? Know this: We will be forgotten no more.

Forgotten no more: The Forgotten Sons talk broken promises and creating a legacy of destruction

WWE.COM: Blake, why have you referred to yourselves as the “savages of NXT”?

BLAKE: Our past experiences have made us this way — cruel, fierce, untamed men. We don’t care about the consequences of our actions and or anyone else’s opinion.

WWE.COM: What about critics who believe the future isn’t so bright for The Forgotten Sons?

CUTLER: Critics? We don’t cater to, nor care for, the critics. We do what is good for The Forgotten Sons and The Forgotten Sons alone.

WWE.COM: What message do you have for the NXT Universe?

BLAKE: It doesn’t matter what they tried to do, they couldn’t destroy us. We will stand strong. And we will simply do unto others and enjoy it.

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