Matt Riddle and Killian Dain’s Street Fight ended in chaos, but with no victor declared

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain’s Street Fight ended in chaos, but with no victor declared

The much-anticipated Street Fight between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain failed to determine a winner or who the tougher man was — if anything, it intensified their scorching animosity — but it did succeed in giving The Original Bro and The Northern Ireland Nightmare another chance to brutalize one another. They weren’t alone, either.

The no-disqualification smashmouth brawl saw Riddle and Dain clobber each other with Kendo sticks and fight throughout the NXT Universe. The chaos spiraled further out of control with each passing second, eventually sprawling outside the arena, near Superstar bystanders.

That’s when the fuse detonated.

WALTER and Imperium soon joined the fracas, attacking Riddle. The Street Profits weren’t far behind, giving Riddle an assist. Before long, virtually the entire NXT roster was entangled in the tempest, with everyone from The Forgotten Sons to Pete Dunne, Bronson Reed and Danny Burch getting involved as the fight spilled back to ringside.

Security personnel intervened but wound up pummeled for their efforts. Although Riddle and Dain tried in vain to reignite their showdown, all hope for containing the melee was lost as the ring swelled with competitors. The Beast of Belfast mowed down a group of Superstars with a supersized suicide dive, but even that fell short of stopping the carnage.

Fists continued to fly as NXT went off the air, ending the black-and-gold brand’s historic live premiere with one of the wildest, most out-of-control frays ever witnessed at Full Sail University.

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