Jaxson Ryker def. Oney Lorcan

Oney Lorcan vs. Jaxson Ryker: WWE NXT, April 3, 2019

Fists fly as Oney Lorcan rumbles with The Forgotten Sons' undefeated heavy hitter, Jaxson Ryker. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Jaxson Ryker raised his level of intensity against the hard-hitting Oney Lorcan in a brawl that spilled in and out of the squared circle, where their respective comrades (Forgotten Sons and Danny Burch) stood at bay.

After wreaking damage to previous opponents in one-on-one action, Ryker found himself a challenge in the ever-fierce Lorcan, whose brutal chops forced his fellow brawler into defensive mode early in the match. When Ryker wasn’t absorbing blistering chops, he was dealing with a barrage that mixed speed with punishing strikes. However, once the Forgotten Sons’ powerhouse found his stride, there was no turning back.

After avoiding an aerial attack from Lorcan from the middle turnbuckle, Ryker drilled his opponent with a pop-up gutbuster. From there, the heavy hitter focused on the midsection of Lorcan with a grueling bearhug, before putting him out with a sit-out chokeslam for the win.

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