Nikki Cross def. Candice LeRae

Nikki Cross vs. Candice LeRae: WWE NXT, Nov. 21, 2018

Candice LeRae must tap into her vicious side for a fierce fight against NXT's Twisted Sister. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Following her intense battle with Nikki Cross, it’s plain to see that something has snapped inside Candice LeRae. Whether it was the head games waged by NXT’s Twisted Sister during the months-long Aleister Black investigation that are to blame, or Johnny Gargano’s own change of heart that inspired his wife’s rough new demeanor, LeRae showed a previously unseen level of aggression as she fought Cross.

LeRae also displayed tremendous resilience, kicking out after being clobbered by Cross’ Purge. Later, she threw the Scottish Superstar off the turnbuckles with an elevated German suplex that brought LeRae’s home-state fans to their feet. Cross, meanwhile, seemed to enjoy the "playtime" brutality, and broke out in laughter.

By that point, LeRae was seeing red. She unloaded her pent-up rage via forearm and knee strikes, and then locked in her husband’s signature hold, the Gargano Escape, but Cross forced a rope break. LeRae stayed on the prowl, and Cross exploited her angered state. She snapped LeRae throat-first onto the ropes and then surprised her with a spinning neckbreaker that spelled the end.

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