Kairi Sane def. Aliyah

After watching Kairi Sane dismantle Aliyah in a powerful show of force, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler might be rethinking her opinion that The Pirate Princess, who is set to challenge The Queen of Spades this Saturday at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, lacks killer instinct.

Joining the announce team for the match, Baszler enjoyed an up-close viewing of Sane’s emphatic beatdown of Aliyah. She watched as the 2017 Mae Young Classic winner blasted The Cat’s Meow with her full arsenal of moves, culminating with the InSane Elbow. Yet, instead of going for the sure-fire pin, Sane instead stared daggers at Baszler in between hitting two more InSane Elbow Drops on the helpless Aliyah. The Pirate Princess then locked in the Anchor leglock, bending over backwards so that she could point at The Queen of Spades while making Aliyah frantically tap out.

The message was loud and clear: If Baszler still insists Sane doesn’t know how to “go for the jugular” after this emphatic performance, The Submission Magician will be in for a big surprise this Saturday in Brooklyn.

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