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Friday, Jan 7 | 10/9 PMC

WWE 205 Live Results : Quick Hits

WWE 205 Live Results : Full Details


WWE 205 Live results: Jan. 7, 2022

Malik Blade def. Draco Anthony

Though he has routinely turned heads for his quickness and incredible athleticism since bursting onto the scene on 205 Live and NXT 2.0, Malik Blade had yet to enter the winner’s circle. Until tonight.

Blade went toe-to-toe with fellow impressive newcomer Draco Anthony, who sent Blade flying across the ring with a picture-perfect overhead suplex that resulted in a two-count.

With the WWE Universe firmly in his corner and perhaps willing him to his first victory, Blade landed a famouser and a clothesline, wiggled free from the grasp of his opponent, connected with a snap suplex and soared through the skies with a top-rope dropkick to the face for the 1-2-3.

Nikkita Lyons def. Erica Yan

Continuing a theme on this incredible edition of 205 Live, rookie Nikkita Lyons secured the first victory of her WWE career by outlasting Erica Yan in spirited clash.

In a bout packed with vicious strikes from each competitor, Yan appeared to be closing in on a win when she unloaded with a headbutt and dropped the back of Lyons’ neck onto her knee, but Lyons fired back with a series of kicks.

Moments later, Lyons spiked her opponent into the canvas with a vicious, match-clinching DDT.

Ikemen Jiro def. Ru Feng

Having spent the last several months competing in tag team matches alongside his Jacket Time partner Kushida, Ikemen Jiro nevertheless looked right in his element while battling the deadly Ru Feng in his first singles bout since October.

Tasked with dodging Feng’s ferocious kicks and maintaining separation from his hard-hitting adversary, Jiro mostly did exactly that, using his quickness to remain in control during the early goings.

Feng finally grounded his eccentric foe by pulling him from the top turnbuckle and punishing him with several stomps and a scoop slam, but Jiro eventually escaped Feng’s clutches, connected with five Jacket Punches, and soon followed up with the Ikemen Slash for the pinfall.