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Wednesday, Oct 18 | 9/8 PMC

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Nikki Bella receives upsetting news from her surgeon: Total Bellas Preview Clip: Oct. 18, 2017

During a doctor's visit, Nikki Bella gets potentially career-changing news.

Nikki Bella is heading back to the doctor on this week’s Total Bellas, and nobody seems to know what to expect because they’re not exactly sure where she hurt her neck or how much this time she will miss. And, while it turns out that she did, indeed, do a number on herself and is all but ordered by her doctor to retire, he gives her the all clear to compete in one more match — WrestleMania — as long as she limits herself to the forearm and the Rack Attack 2.0. So, not only does Nikki plan to send herself off into the sunset properly, rumors have also begun to swirl that John Cena is going to propose to her at the show. There’s even a Vegas prop bet with some halfway decent odds, which Daniel Bryan encourages Nikki to lay some money on. Either way, he says, she wins. Tough to argue with that. 


The vow

JJ and Lauren Garcia's emotional vow renewal ceremony gets Nikki Bella thinking about marriage: Total Bellas, Oct. 18, 2017

During JJ and Lauren Garcia's vow renewal ceremony, Nikki Bella wonders if she'll ever marry John Cena.

Having made some serious progress in marriage counseling, JJ tells Lauren he wants to renew their vows to symbolize their ongoing commitment to each other. The Bellas, of course, tend to think their brother drops the ball when it comes to big moments, so they aren’t holding out hope that he’ll come through in the clutch. Impressively, JJ flips the script, refusing to divulge any of his plans and pretending, at first, like they’re going to have the ceremony in a pub. But not only did he organize a lovely outdoor ceremony, he very quietly asked Daniel Bryan to be the officiant, and it goes off without a hitch. JJ, you did good. 


"Natural" selection

Brie Bella is about two weeks out from giving birth, and she’s waited long enough to choose where she is going to have the baby. (There’s also a brief debate over whether Winston and Josie need extra training before Birdie arrives.) In keeping with their more naturalistic lifestyle, Brie and Daniel Bryan are leaning toward a home birth and even go so far as to consult a doula to figure out the logistics. But the family pokes about 100 holes in the plan when Brie announces the home birth option, convincing her that she shouldn’t be too far from a hospital should complications arise. So, while they decide to stick to a natural birth, they plan to have Birdie in a hospital after all.

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