Two steps forward, one step back

Two steps forward, one step back
John Cena is relieved when Nikki Bella admits she could retire from the ring after WrestleMania: Total Bellas, Oct. 11, 2017

Worried about her wellbeing, Cena thinks Nikki may be overextending herself.

As it turns out, Nikki’s comeback run was never intended to be long term, and the understanding was that she’d call it a day after WrestleMania to focus on her other business ventures. However, after she and Brie get a good look at their new, Barbie-esque Mattel WWE Superstars dolls, Nikki wonders if she might be better off prolonging her career to help inspire more little girls. She floats the idea to John Cena, who reminds her that she probably doesn’t have the bandwidth to juggle all these projects if she were to keep her WWE schedule. Ironically, however, the decision might not end up being hers to make: During a match on SmackDown LIVE where Cena takes on Fandango, Nikki re-injures her neck while delivering a spear to Tyler Breeze. It doesn’t appear to be profoundly serious, but Nikki leaves the episode with the sinking feeling that her comeback might not even cross the finish line she’d intended.

Will Nikki make it to WrestleMania? Watch all-new episodes of Total Bellas Wednesdays at 9/8 C on E!.

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