Beautiful roots

Brie Bella throws a party to celebrate Daniel Bryan's Viking DNA: Total Bellas, Oct. 11, 2017

Brie embraces her husband's Viking heritage, and the couple reveals Birdie's middle name.

Where does a Bella Twin come from? If you ask Nikki & Brie, their entire personalities can be traced back to their presumably feisty Mexican-Italian heritage, which is why Brie is looking for a middle name for Birdie that suitably embodies their ancestry. It turns out Bryan carries a fair amount of “Viking” in his blood, to the surprise of nobody, but he’s also fairly certain the whole Mexican-Italian thing doesn’t hold water under scrutiny. So, when the Bellas commission a DNA test and find out they carry typical European mixed heritage (plus a little Jewish and Native American), Brie tries to get in touch with her new roots while simultaneously ignoring Bryan’s. Her husband jokes that this is par for the course in their marriage, but she gets the message and throws him a Viking-themed party. And Bryan, honoring a Jewish family tradition of middle-naming a child after a late loved one, announces that Birdie’s middle name will be Joe, after Brie’s “Pop-Pop.”

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