Mandy Rose def. Asuka

Mandy Rose interrupts Asuka: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 19, 2019

When Asuka is asked if she feels lost in the shuffle, The Empress of Tomorrow says she's ready for a challenge, which she gets in the form of The Golden Goddess.

With SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka clamoring for a new challenge, Mandy Rose heeded the call, saying that Asuka, who some say has been lost in the shuffle as of late, could learn something from her about how to stand out.

The Empress of Tomorrow and God’s Greatest Creation were all set to square off, but soon after the bell rang, Lacey Evans arrived, walked down the entranceway, smirked in the face of Sonya Deville and then left. Evans’ arrival puzzled Asuka, allowing Mandy to take advantage in the early goings. However, Asuka battled back, seemingly overwhelming The Golden Goddess with her barrage of strikes. Yet, when Mandy pretended that there was something wrong with her eye after eating a knee from the SmackDown Women’s Champion, she was able to catch Asuka off-guard for a nanosecond, but that was all it took, as Mandy flung Asuka neck-first into the ropes and rolled her up for an incredible upset victory.

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