Rusev def. Aiden English

Rusev vs. Aiden English: SmackDown LIVE, Oct. 23, 2018

The Bulgarian Brute looks to make Aiden English pay for his baseless accusations against Lana.

After weeks of torment, rumor and innuendo, Rusev finally got the chance to make Aiden English pay for his betrayal, his fabrication of “One Night in Milwaukee” and for costing him a place in the WWE World Cup, as the two former Rusev Day cohorts squared off on SmackDown LIVE.

English seemed none too keen on engaging with The Bulgarian Brute, though, opting to run around ringside to keep away from Rusev until Lana stopped him in his tracks, allowing her husband to finally get his hands on The Mozart of Mayhem. The Super Athlete manhandled Aiden, but English briefly got the jump on Rusev when he was in pursuit of his former friend. However, that offensive flurry would not last long for English, as Rusev took control after English got too preoccupied with yelling at Lana at ringside. This prompted the Ravishing Russian to throw her shoe at English (you read that correctly), which allowed Rusev to connect flush with a Machka kick and lock Aiden in what was likely the most satisfying Accolade of his career. English howled in pain before tapping frantically as Rusev scored a decisive and cathartic victory.

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