Rusev def. Big E

Big E vs. Rusev: SmackDown LIVE, Oct. 31, 2017

Big E is out for Halloween retribution after Rusev trashed his candy in this one-on-one showdown.

Earlier in the night, the beef between The New Day and Rusev & Aiden English continued when The Bulgarian Brute disrespectfully dumped all the Halloween candy The New Day offered him to the ground. Filled with intense rage after such a heinous and careless act, Big E challenged Rusev to a one-on-one contest.

The two maulers had an absolute slugfest, but all bedlam broke loose when English began to sing his signature “Rusev Day” song while perched on the announce desk. Xavier Woods combatted English’s blissful bars by sounding Francesca II right in his face. This prompted English to attack Woods, and then, with Kofi Kingston on his trail, The Drama King entered the ring, which prompted Big E to take him out with a ring-shaking Big Ending. However, with Big E momentarily distracted by The Drama King, Rusev took advantage, striking the back of Big E’s head with a punishing kick for the 1-2-3.

Rusev def. Big E

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