Bray Wyatt says "goodbye" as he searches for his "true calling"

Slater vs. Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has always spoken in riddles, but The Eater of Worlds’ latest social media proclamations are even more baffling than usual.

On Monday night, the former WWE Champion took to social media to say “goodbye” to his followers, and that, although he once claimed to be a god, his “soul is clean now.”

“I was put on this Earth to fix it, to change it,” Wyatt wrote. “And I will not die until this is so.”

Wyatt also strangely refers to himself as “we” in his final post. Whether he is referring to his prior alliance with “Woken” Matt Hardy, The Wyatt Family or something else entirely remains unknown.

Whatever the case, as Wyatt himself affirmed, “the journey is far from over.”

These posts come just days after The Eater of Worlds wiped his Twitter account clean.

On Dec. 8, in his first post following that cleansing, Wyatt wrote, “Today I have finally become who I really am.” His next post, on Dec. 13, featured an apparent passage from the Book of the Dead.

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