Buddy Murphy def. R-Truth

R-Truth vs. Buddy Murphy: Raw, Oct. 28, 2019

A 24/7 Championship mob creates a major distraction in a bout between R-Truth and Buddy Murphy.

R-Truth was thiiiiiis close to a big win in the non-24/7 division on Monday, having backed the mega-talented Buddy Murphy into an unexpected corner during a match born of late-afternoon Twitter beef between the two. But Truth’s precious “baby” came calling his name in the middle of the match when the 24/7 mob chased new champion Sunil Singh into the building. Truth took his eye off the ball and ill-advisedly joined the pursuit around ringside, only to run into a lights-out knee from Murphy that was more than enough to drop him for three.

Give the man points for tenacity though: Unwilling to let a little thing like a knee to the face stop him, Truth staggered to his feet, gathered whatever bearings remained and stumbled off into the distance in pursuit of his beloved 24/7 Title once more.

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