Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley def. The Revival via Disqualification

Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley def. The Revival via Disqualification

Roman Reigns gave Bobby Lashley the terms for their match against The Revival: He starts the match, finishes the match and wins the match, and Lashley just stands on the apron and collects the W. Give him this: He started the match, he finished the match, and he won the match — albeit via disqualification — but Lashley wasn’t exactly happy about the way it went down.

The Revival were all over Reigns from the jump; the lingering effects of their earlier attack left The Big Dog about three steps slower than usual, and Dash & Dawson didn’t hesitate to target his tenderized ribs. And yet, even in his exhausted state, Reigns — who refused to tag in Lashley throughout the entire match — proved a little too much to handle down the line. So, The Revival opted to make a statement rather than get the win when they double-teamed The Big Dog to the tune of a willingly-taken disqualification loss. 

Lashley didn’t even budge when The Revival continued their post-match mobbing of the former WWE Champion, throwing up his hands and leaving Reigns to suffer a Shatter Machine and Frog Splash from the two-time NXT Tag Team Champions. So, Reigns kept his in-ring promise, and The Revival made good on their own vow to display their tag team efficiency. Of course, Lashley had made a promise of his own: To hold Reigns accountable if the match didn’t go their way. Now that Kurt Angle has sanctioned their match at WWE Extreme Rules, the only question is if, and how, he'll do so.

Roman Reigns will face Bobby Lashley at WWE Extreme Rules: Raw, July 2, 2018

The Big Dog and the near-unstoppable Bobby Lashley will square off one-on-one for the first time at WWE Extreme Rules.

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