How will Sami Zayn “expose” Bobby Lashley?

Sami Zayn promises to expose the truth about Bobby Lashley: Raw, May 14, 2018

Sami Zayn threatens to cause quite a stir by bringing Bobby Lashley's three sisters to Monday Night Raw next week.

In a sit-down interview with Renee Young on the May 7 edition of Raw, Bobby Lashley revealed that his positive outlook and unmatched athleticism are owed largely to being raised alongside three unique older sisters, who remain a large part of his life today. 

However, Sami Zayn — who sustained “vertigo” as a result of Lashley’s signature stalling suplex — claims that there are details surrounding Lashley’s past that the former ECW Champion has chosen to omit. 

Zayn revealed this past Monday night that he’s reached out to Lashley’s sisters via Facebook and that his true story is far different from what we’ve been told. The outspoken Superstar has invited Lashley’s sisters to Raw in Albany, N.Y., so we can learn all about the “real” Bobby Lashley. What exactly does Zayn have planned? 

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