7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

As The Shield prepares to go to war against the dream team of the reunited Brothers of Destruction and Daniel Bryan on this Monday's special U.K. edition of Raw, WWE.com explores seven other classic combinations that we would also like to see battle on “The Hounds of Justice” — in our dreams.

Mick Foley, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

Does the WWE Universe have any interest in The Shield simultaneously smelling what The Rock is cooking and having a nice day? Hell yeah!

Relive the The Attitude Era and more with WWE Classics

The “Hounds of Justice” have taken out everyone from John Cena, Ryback, Randy Orton and Big Show to The Great One himself. However, could they withstand the combined force of three of the greatest Superstars of The Attitude Era?

Shane McMahon, Mr. McMahon and Triple H

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

For any treacherous trio hell-bent on unleashing their own brand of justice throughout WWE, it only stands to reason that, sooner or later, they’d have to answer to the first family of the squared circle.

Watch Shane McMahon, Mr. McMahon and Triple H join forces

Just imagine how interested Triple H would be in such a matchup, after  The Shield came within inches of attacking the injured Game on the April 12 edition of SmackDown. Certainly Mr. McMahon — the ruthless Chairman of WWE who never backs down from a fight when the future of his company is at stake — would take up the mantle. And a competitor the caliber of Shane McMahon, who could arguably rival Cactus Jack in terms of pure extreme aggressiveness, would be an ideal candidate to help crack The Shield.

Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

Emerging from the stands is an effective tactic to be sure, but hardly a new one. One has to wonder what will happen if The Sandman made his classic entrance through the crowd — Kendo stick in hand — flanked by The  Innovator of Violence and one of the most reckless residents of The Land of the Extreme?

Yes, the destruction would absolutely reach new levels if the brutal “The Hounds of Justice” went head-to-head with three of the toughest competitors that ECW ever produced, bringing the very concept of “extreme” to the extreme.  

The Brood: Gangrel, Christian and Edge

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

You want to talk about intimidation? Testing the boundaries of sanity in the face of darkness? We’d like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns take on the mystifying faction of Edge, Christian and Gangrel?

Check out The Brood's sinister entrance

No strangers to the art of spectacle — with actions that included using strangely grotesque tactics to freak out their opponents and even helping the legendary Undertaker to hoist up the Big Boss Man from Hell in a Cell — this trifecta of fear may serve as the perfect Superstars to make The Shield rethink their own reign of terror.

The Ultimate Warrior, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Hulk Hogan

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

If The Shield finds “injustice” in WWE, it only stands to reason that the practices they seek to “tip the scales against” are embedded deep in the very fabric of WWE. So how about a classic clash with three of the greatest champions of The Golden Era of WWE?

As effective as The Shield can be, the tactical tyrants may just have their hands full against the unprecedented alliance of Hulkamania Macho Madness and the “God of War”!

Demolition: Ax, Smash and Crush

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

Horrific aggression personified, Demolition represents everything their name suggest. After all, “pain and destruction is [in fact their] middle name.”

Behold Demolition in action

Brutality aside, however, Ax, Smash and Crush stand as the single longest-reigning World Tag Team Champion in WWE history — the same titles they held for more combined days than any other tag team. Translation, the clash between the black-clad warriors would be something to see.  Warpaint anyone?

The Spirit Squad

7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

Looking for a reason to root for The Shield for a change? We’ll give you five: Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky and Mikey! And that’s all we’re going to say about that.

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