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Friday, Oct 21 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: Oct. 21, 2022

Myles Borne def. Ikemen Jiro

Despite a challenging first couple months in WWE, Myles Borne claimed his first career victory on Oct. 7 against Guru Raaj, and he’s looked like a new man ever since.

Perhaps relieved after finally entering the winner’s circle, Borne has seemingly found his groove, as evidenced by his ability to go toe-to-toe with the eccentric veteran, Ikemen Jiro.

Jiro landed a nasty Jacket Punch and went for the Ikemen Slash late in the bout, but Borne ducked it and used a crafty rollup to secure the three-count. Jiro and Borne shook hands and hugged after the bell.

Duke Hudson def. Bryson Montana

After struggling to find chemistry as tag team partners during a losing effort against Ikemen Jiro and Tank Ledger last week, Duke Hudson and Bryson Montana looked to take out their frustrations on one another in a hard-hitting brawl.

Arrogant as ever, Hudson seemed surprised when Montana overpowered him at the opening bell and landed a sit-out scoop slam.

Perhaps sensing that he needed to take his opponent seriously, Hudson rolled out of the ring, hit Montana with a strike to the throat, launched himself over the top rope to land an impressive German suplex and struck with a big boot to remain undefeated in singles competition on NXT Level Up.

Andre Chase def. Javier Bernal

Class was in session in the main event of NXT Level Up, as the Chase University student section was brought to a fever pitch at the arrival of Andre Chase and star pupil Thea Hail.

The NXT Arena waited with bated breath for the latest “teachable moment,” but Bernal claimed the upper hand when he blasted Chase with a knee to the chin followed by a neckbreaker that was assisted by the middle rope.

Chase indeed doled out a lesson, however, when he took advantage of an opening while Bernal was showboating to drop him with a picture-perfect suplex. Moments later, after leading the NXT Arena in a “Chase U” chant, The Dean of Chase U landed a crossbody from the top rope for the three-count.