John Morrison wants you to go ‘Out of Your Mind’ with new fitness program

John Morrison wants you to go ‘Out of Your Mind’ with new fitness program

The WWE Universe might think is out of its mind interviewing an ex-Superstar not seen since late 2011. They’re right.

The Guru of Greatness, John Morrison has landed Starship Pain on a new frontier with his innovative exercise program that even Zack Ryder’s dad loves: Out of Your Mind Fitness. In between workouts and filming an upcoming film with Tiny " Zeus" Lister, “JoMo” invited into the Palace of Wisdom for enlightenment on his fitness endeavor, Miz’s use of the  Figure-Four and his perspective on a WWE landscape that’s perhaps primed for The Prince of Parkour.

WWE.COM: What is John Morrison doing now, almost 18 months after leaving WWE?

MORRISON: Life is a pretty awesome ride. Since stepping off [the WWE] train, I’ve been writing some [film] shorts and a feature that I’m hoping to produce and star in. I just wrapped a movie called, “The Factory.” I’ve also been training for stunt work, acting for some independent classics, and working out.

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John Morrison wants you to go ‘Out of Your Mind’ with new fitness program
WWE.COM: Not to mention launching a new fitness program. What’s the lowdown on “Out of Your Mind Fitness”?

MORRISON: [“ Out of Your Mind Fitness”] is a fully functional training regimen built to get anyone in the best shape of their life. Functional training is the bee’s knees these days. It’s all about time efficiency. Training your body to move … so you can have the highest quality of life possible.

Everyone needs to move — if you’re a pro athlete, a contortionist, a computer programmer or just somebody who wants to play with their kids. One of the benefits of functional training like this is that it utilizes movement across multiple muscle groups as opposed to old-school bodybuilding, which is about isolation. You don’t move with isolated muscle movements in real life.

Functional training is about integrating core and stabilization muscles, which are engaged while doing these exercises. The whole body is getting worked out as a unit.

John Morrison wants you to go ‘Out of Your Mind’ with new fitness program

WWE.COM: This really isn’t your run-of-the-mill infomercial-style exercise platform on loop on late night TV.

MORRISON: What’s different about this than most programs is that “Out of Your Mind Fitness” is a virtual personal trainer in the palm of your hand. A lot of people doing home fitness programs have said that they get stale, and they get bored. “Out of Your Mind Fitness” evolves. You get better, the program continues to challenge you as you adapt. It’s a fun and interesting process. You get addicted to it.

Most programs are a “do it at home,” “play the DVD” thing. The amount of content in “Out of Your Mind Fitness” is 10, maybe 20 times more the content than any home workout program.

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WWE.COM: How long did it take you to develop the program?

MORRISON: I’ve been working on this for two years. I first talked about it in “Muscle & Fitness” magazine in 2010. I thought it would take six months. [laughs]

Jeff Carrier is a good friend of mine; he’s a genius personal trainer with 10 different certifications. He and I came up with tons of stuff and started picking which exercises were a combination of useful, effective, challenging and fun, then whittled down our ideas from thousands to hundreds. We ended up with the very best.

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WWE.COM: The “Frogstance” handstand push-ups and “Vitruvian Flies” are some of the more interestingly named exercises within the program. Sounds intense.

MORRISON: This program is accessible to anybody at any fitness level. If you can do a squat and a pushup, you can build up tobecominga fitness guru.

The “Vitruvian Flies” are a bodyweight back exercise based on Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

There are “wall barrows” reminiscent of that thing you used to do when you were a kid when you made a wheel barrow out of your friend. This is with a wall. The “frogstance” is based on a yoga position, the crow.

WWE.COM: That kind of training must’ve helped you with your stunt work and on the set for your recent appearance in “The Factory.” Can you describe what it was like to act in a horror movie?

MORRISON: Let’s just say I wasn’t scared to film “The Factory.” [laughs] Nothing’s scarier than wrestling The Boogeyman. As for stunts, after falling from the ceiling of the Elimination Chamber on Sheamus, I was very well prepared.

John Morrison's parkour escape act: Royal Rumble 2011

John Morrison dodges elimination in spectacular fashion with a leap and tightrope walk along the barricade during the Royal Rumble Match on January 30, 2011.

WWE.COM: Do you still find time to catch Raw and other WWE programs? Where would you see yourself if you were competing in WWE today? Any targets?

MORRISON: I watch Raw whenever I can. I am super excited that Dolph Ziggler cashed in Money in the Bank. He earned it. And if I was around, I’d take it away from him.

CM Punk’s taken himself to the next level over the last two years. He’s broken through in a way that very few have. He’s great in the ring, on the mic. I always loved wrestling Punk. If we had a match now, it would be exponentially better than in ECW in 2007.

WWE.COM: Any thoughts on your former tag team partner?

MORRISON: The Miz went and became a good guy, which defies logic to me. Although I’d love to kick his a** for that last night I was on Raw, now I guess that means we’d be on the same side. I can’t believe he’s doing the Figure-Four. I mean, it’s a great hold. Ric Flair made it what it is. If you’re going to steal from somebody, why not steal from the best? It’s not a bad decision.

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John Morrison wants you to go ‘Out of Your Mind’ with new fitness program
WWE.COM: Who’s most impressed you on the current roster since you’ve been gone?

MORRISON: Ryback is impressive and what he’s done is impressive. He’d be a great person to wrestle, but I think it would be easy to outsmart him.

There’s also The Shield. I met all those guys in the past and saw the world in all of them. I do think they are a little overconfident.They think they’re a little better than they are. Unless they've got some skills in their cargo pockets they haven't used yet, I'd make short work of them. Believe in The Shaman.

I was at OVW with [ Damien Sandow] when I first started 10 years ago. It took him nine years to grow a beard and find that robe. [laughs] He's really come into his own, great to see. But you'd think in nine years he could have learned how to do a cartwheel. I’d like to show him how to correctly do one.

WWE.COM: For a multi-talented athlete who shifts from screenwriting to stunt free-falling and now fully developed an “Out of Your Mind” exercise revolution, is a WWE return out of the question?

MORRISON: By the time you hear the thunder, it will be too late because the lightning would have already struck.

While the WWE Universe awaits some kind of thunderstorm(?) harkening a possible future return,  visit John Morrison's official Alumni profile page for JoMo's bio, videos and more.

Follow John Morrison's exploits on Twitter at @TheRealMorrison and get  full details on “Out of Your Mind Fitness” now!

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