WWE Superstars invade the 2019 Academy Awards with six parody posters

2019 WWE Oscar poster parodies

The Academy has spoken, and so have we. Join WWE.com as we honor some of the most celebrated Oscar contenders of 2019 with these mash-up posters featuring some of your favorite WWE Superstars.

 “The Man”

Becky Lynch in "The Man"

When WWE boldly decides to hold its first-ever WrestleMania on the moon, a daring adventurer (Becky Lynch) must embark on one of the most dangerous space missions of all time in her quest to compete in the main event of a stellar Show of Shows.

“John Cena: Into the Cena-Verse”

John Cena in "John Cena: Into the Cena-Verse"

After a heroic leader (John Cena) vanishes into thin air, a new warrior must rise to take up his mantle. But when the web of reality is torn apart, the city’s newest protector finds out he isn’t alone in his quest to restore hustle, loyalty and respect to the Cena-Verse.

“Can You Ever Delete Me?”

Matt Hardy in "Can You Ever Delete Me?"

A down-on-his luck biographer (Matt Hardy) has a premonition after an enlightening dip in his Lake of Reincarnation. He soon realizes that adding some creative embellishment to his true-to-life stories will prevent him from becoming obsolete in the world of literature. But when his lies spiral out of control, will he “delete” his wrongdoings, or will they “delete” him?

“A Superstar is Born”

Elias and Mickie James in "A Superstar is Born"

When an established rock star (Elias) discovers a rough-and-tumble country singer (Mickie James), both musicians learn that sharing the spotlight — and their hearts — isn’t as simple as a two-part harmony.


Roman Reigns in "Roman"

Chronicling the life of a champion athlete (Roman Reigns), this autobiographical story of brotherhood, dogged determination and belief is being hailed as a true “Superman Punch to the soul” by critics.

“Brohemian Rhapsody”

Matt Riddle in "Brohemian Rhapsody"

Follow the powerful and meteoric rise of The Original Bro (Matt Riddle) who, despite being under pressure throughout the fast-paced bicycle race we call life, yearned to break free and find someone to love. Don’t stop him now, he wants it all.

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