The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

There haven’t been many Superstars who can boast the size, raw power and near-unlimited upside of Big Cass, whose skyscraper height puts him in the penthouse alongside legends like Andre the Giant and Big Show. In terms of his size alone, he’s a prospect the likes of which the WWE Universe hasn’t seen in a generation, but where does Cass rank amongst the tallest Superstars to ever set foot in WWE? See where he sizes up alongside titans both legendary and obscure.


(TIE): Kane, Big Cass and Big Show — 7’0"

The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

Cass has already received some opposition in the form of Big Show, who interrupted the former’s tirade and went nose-to-nose with him in a long-brewing confrontation on Raw. The World’s Largest Athlete is one of only two WWE Superstars who can match Cass at seven feet flat; Kane also tops out at the same towering height. The Devil’s Favorite Demon hasn’t been seen for many months now in WWE, which means Cass only has one other seven-footer to contend with, at least for the time being.


The Great Khali — 7’1"

The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

The Great Khali wouldn’t have just looked Cass in the eye; he’d have looked an inch down his nose — at least until Cass socked him in the mouth. Then he’d have been looking up. One of the last giants to roam WWE before Big Cass arrived on the scene, The Punjabi Titan topped out at about 7’1". Though, given the overhead chops that felled opponents like timber, it was hard to imagine anybody being taller than him. Shockingly, there was.


Giant Silva — 7’2"

The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

Ah, Giant Silva. This forgotten big man was the resident muscle of the infamous Oddities faction in The Attitude Era. (Fellow giant Kurrgan was also in The Oddities, but Silva topped him by a few inches.) Unfortunately, he wasn’t around for very long, and Silva mostly competed on the losing end of tag team and handicap matches. The shining exception? A 3-on-4 win over Kaientai at SummerSlam 1998. He may not have left the mark that other big men managed to leave during his time in WWE, but boy, he was tall.


Andre the Giant — 7’4"

The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

The remarkable thing about Andre the Giant wasn’t just that he was tall; it was that he was larger than life. Literal tall tales of the WWE Hall of Famer’s adventures are excellent internet fodder for anyone who cares to find them, and those who knew him best speak of his gregarious personality almost as much as they do of his conquests in the ring. Between his competitive spirit and general attitude toward his friends, The Eighth Wonder of the World often seemed like the largest man who ever lived. In terms of WWE Superstars, he was only the second.


Giant Gonzales — 8’0"

The 7 tallest Superstars in WWE history

This right here is Giant Gonzales, and he’s eight foot tall, and you can’t teach that. The former basketball player was right at home in the colorful early ’90s iteration of WWE, though he was outsized even for the competitors of that era. Clad in a furry, full-body jumpsuit and sporting a manic, bug-eyed glare, Gonzales was one of the more physically imposing Superstars of his day — so much so that he even got a crack at The Undertaker in one of The Phenom’s early WrestleMania matches. Unfortunately, his career never reached the heights of some of these other giants, and Big Cass may well end up eclipsing his accomplishments before long (an Undertaker WrestleMania match would be a show-stopper). But fittingly enough for the tallest guy in the room, Gonzales’ shadow lingers to this day.

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