Dakota Kai def. Tegan Nox (Street Fight)

Dakota Kai def. Tegan Nox (Street Fight)

PORTLAND, Ore. — A brawl three months in the making brought all the emotion, intensity and barbarism you’d expect. But it was someone no one expected — Raquel González — playing a decisive role in Dakota Kai’s brutal victory over Tegan Nox in the first-ever Street Fight in the history of NXT’s Women’s Division.  

Nox, who looked to avenge her betrayal at the hands of her former best friend, was once again caught off-guard by the nefarious Kai. The Captain of Team Kick refused to let Nox even finish her entrance, ambushing her from behind in an act that was, quite frankly, completely consistent with everything we’ve seen in recent months after Kai’s change of heart.  

The bitter enemies wasted little time taking advantage of the stipulation, almost immediately destroying a section of the ringside barricade and introducing foreign objects, including a trash can, innumerable chairs and even a cricket bat that shattered across the ring post on an errant swing by Kai.  

With both women understanding the pain that comes with a devastating knee injury, it was Nox who escalated the violence to new heights. First repeatedly bashing Kai’s surgically repaired right knee with a steel chair, then stomping on it as it sandwiched that same knee moments later, Nox left Kai with little to do but cry out in helpless anguish.

Raquel Gonzalez emerges to obliterate Tegan Nox: NXT TakeOver: Portland (WWE Network Exclusive)

With Dakota Kai helplessly strewn across a table, Raquel Gonzalez crashes the Street Fight to send Tegan Nox flying off the top rope. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Even though she likely could have claimed a pinfall after hitting The Shiniest Wizard, Nox wasn’t yet satisfied. The hunger for retribution consumed her, and she sought to quench it by wrapping a chair around Kai’s neck before setting her across the table.

With Nox on the top rope perhaps looking to finish off not only the match, but maybe Kai’s career, González intervened and instead was the one who sent Nox crashing into the table. The Captain of Team Kick had just enough left to slither atop Nox for the 3-count.

Three months ago we were asking, “Why, Dakota? Why?” And now we ask the same question of González. Not even Kai appeared to have answers for the vexing question, looking as confused as anyone in attendance as González helped her to her feet afterward.

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