NXT Women's Champion Asuka def. Ember Moon

Ember Moon vs. Asuka - NXT Women's Title Match: NXT TakeOver: Orlando (WWE Network Exclusive)

NXT Women's Champion Asuka defends her title against newcomer Ember Moon: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

New NXT Women’s Championship, same NXT Women’s Champion! 

Asuka’s reign of dominance over the NXT’s Women’s locker room continued in a stunning defeat of Ember Moon, who many had pegged as the strongest candidate to snap The Empress of Tomorrow’s seemingly unstoppable reign thanks to her ironclad Eclipse maneuver, which has yet to be kicked out of.

Alas, Ember didn’t even get to hit the maneuver, though the circumstances were somewhat controversial. Moon realized early that he best way to hit the Eclipse was to leave Asuka out on her feet, and after breaking free of the Asuka Lock and administering an exploder suplex to the champion, it seemed as though Moon had The Empress of Tomorrow finally in her sights for the Eclipse … so Asuka shoved the official into the ropes, knocking Moon off the turnbuckle.

Perhaps it was intentional. Perhaps, as Nigel McGuinness suggested on commentary, Asuka was still loopy from Moon's offense and didn’t have full control of her body. But while the referee, Moon and the NXT Universe all struggled to comprehend what had just happened, Asuka moved fast: The champion quickly uncorked a kick to her challenger’s head, and it was goodnight, Moon.

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