Who is The Velveteen Dream?

The Velveteen Dream

It was only a few weeks ago that the NXT Universe witnessed the debut match of one of the most offbeat and eccentric personalities to grace the roster, The Velveteen Dream, an individual one might describe as flamboyant, yet perplexing. We attempt to understand more about the entity known as The Velveteen Dream in this week’s interview. Prepare yourselves as we turn down the lights of clarity while flipping on the spotlight of intrigue.

WWE.COM: First off, let me offer my congratulations on your recent NXT victories on WWE Network. Tell us, just exactly who, or what, is The Velveteen Dream?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: I don't live in a prism, and I'm not afraid of anything. I haven't built any walls around myself. I'm just like anyone else; I need love and water. I don't really consider myself a “Superstar.” I live in a small town, and I always will because I can walk around and be me. That's all I want to be; that's all I ever try to be. If people dig it, cool.

Velveteen Dream vs. Raul Mendoza: WWE NXT, June 14, 2017

Former Cruiserweight Classic competitor Raul Mendoza tries his luck against the flamboyant Velveteen Dream. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE.COM: Is there a meaning behind your extremely unique appearance?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: Prince played a big influence on my style. When I was 10 years old, my stepdad put me on the stage with him and I danced a little bit until the bodyguard took me off. As I exited the stage, I spotted the finest ensemble of backup dancers I had ever seen in my life. This is where I immediately felt his influence — the absolute control he had over this group and the beautiful women that always surrounded him.

WWE.COM: What does an individual like yourself enjoy doing in his spare time?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: I don't believe in time.

WWE.COM: Okay … What is your observation of the current NXT roster?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: Can we be frank?

WWE.COM: Sure …

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: Top to bottom, left to right, the NXT roster reads, “complacency.” Then again, maybe it's fear because if everyone isn't happy with where they are in "Bobby Roode’s NXT," then obviously they fear him because no one has successfully challenged him. Hello, Bobby.

WWE.COM: I assume you bring anything but complacency to the table, then?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: I bring a spiritual connection to a physical gift. I've always been an exceptional physical specimen, but taking that physical superiority and exercising it with the art of physical competition is what I like to call “The Experience.”

Velveteen Dream

WWE.COM: Do you have some sort of athletic background to back up “The Experience”?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: I would hope so. Then again, there are a lot of people who step into an NXT ring as if it is their first day on the job.

WWE.COM: What fuels the individual that you are today?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: I’d like to believe that my fuel comes from a higher power. As you grow older, you learn and you start to get smarter. I've always known that I have a creator and that without him, nothing works. Things work to a point, and then it just kind of deteriorates while entropy takes place.

WWE.COM: How can someone become a Velveteen Dream in their own right?

THE VELVETEEN DREAM: That is a lesser thought. The Dream is so far ahead spiritually that I can't even process ignorance that deep. You can always be a candy dove, but you will never be Velveteen.

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