Exclusive Q&A: Inside the mind of Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan

It’s not every day that you come across an individual who looks and sounds like Lars Sullivan. In the case of NXT, one might suggest that there has never been a Superstar quite like Sullivan to step inside the squared circle. With a freakishly intense demeanor matched by massively rich vocabulary, Sullivan has created quite the buzz recently. This week, WWE.com attempts to learn just a little bit more about NXT’s highly threatening Superstar.

WWE.COM: You’ve displayed a very intense and fiery personality the last few weeks that we’ve seen you on NXT. Where does this come from?

LARS SULLIVAN: You'd have to ask a psychiatrist to get an answer as to why I'm as belligerent as I am. As far as I'm concerned, all I do is get in the proper state of mind before a match. I'm not an angry person, but I do get angry at anyone who gets in my way. Listen, I'm not oblivious to the fact that I'm a scary guy. I get it. If I had to fight me, I'd be scared too. I'm not interested in being nice and complacent; I want to win and be the best. The best way for me to accomplish that is to be as aggressive as possible.

WWE.COM: Not a lot has been publicized about your background. Did you participate in any sports prior to NXT?

SULLIVAN: This is a question a first date would ask. Ask me how much can I overhead squat.

WWE.COM: OK … how much can you overhead squat?

SULLIVAN: Well, since you asked, 365 pounds.

WWE.COM: Would you be interested in divulging any of your other weightlifting accomplishments?

I have the body of a gorilla and the mind of a professor.

- Lars Sullivan

SULLIVAN: Now we're talking. I've always had an affinity for moving a lot of weight, as it makes me feel exuberant. My numbers are up there in every lift, trust me. However, I find that focusing on mobility, stability and flexibility is far more important than the weight-room numbers. I can surely confirm to you that I'm overall the most athletic big man in this industry. It's a matter of when and how I decide to showcase it.

WWE.COM: On that note, you might also have one of the richest vocabularies in NXT as you’ve displayed both on television and social media. Why have you chosen to display this so prominently?

SULLIVAN: Why would a poor man eat a lizard? Because I'm unequivocally, categorically and unquestionably the most well-spoken guy in all of WWE. That's why! I have the body of a gorilla and the mind of a professor!

No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan: WWE NXT, Sept. 20, 2017

NXT's party-starter steps to the one-man wrecking crew known as Lars Sullivan. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE.COM: That’s an interesting way of putting it. Let’s talk about your recent conflict with No Way Jose. Why did he get under your skin so much?

SULLIVAN: It was never personal with No Way Jose; he just got in my way. I was trying to have a conversation with Kayla Braxton a few weeks ago and he interrupts me with his ridiculous fiesta music. I'll give the guy credit: He's the innovator of the fiesta. No Way Jose is a tough guy when he's not dancing and flopping around. But he got in my way, plain and simple. I had to punish him. He is a good entertainer, better than most at putting smiles on people's faces. However, I am the aggressor at all times; I don't want to make people smile. That's not what I was put on Earth to do.

WWE.COM: With all due respect, some might say you overreacted to Jose’s fiesta music.

SULLIVAN: I don't like that style of music. I'm more of a Metallica kinda guy. It wasn't an overreaction; it was me being in complete control of how to apply my inner aggression. You haven't seen me legitimately overreact ... yet.

WWE.COM: In your mind, what separates you from every other Superstar in NXT?

SULLIVAN: I have everyone in the NXT Universe galvanized, mesmerized and enigmatized because I'm a real-life freak. I'm fine with acknowledging this. I'm a monster, and I will hurt you if you get in my way. I'm the biggest and strongest man in the world. The proverbial and imaginary brass ring will be mine, and I have no problem saying that out loud to the entire world. I will snatch that ring up, swallow it, let it go through my esophagus, through my stomach, let it get stuck in my small intestine, and I'll pop it out of my rectum when I'm ready to relinquish it. Mark my words: By my hands, NXT will be molded how I see fit.

WWE.COM: [Awkward pause] Thank You for your time, Mr. Sullivan.

SULLIVAN: Thank you.

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