Bronson Reed battles Shane Thorne

Bronson Reed challenges Shane Thorne to a match: Exclusive, Aug. 20, 2019

After Shane Thorne accuses Bronson Reed of wasting his opportunity in the Breakout Tournament — an opportunity that Thorne insists he helped Reed get — the leader of Australian Strong Style issues a challenge to his longtime peer and fellow Aussie.

The loyalties of the NXT Universe Down Under will be put to the test this week when Bronson Reed faces fellow countryman Shane Thorne. This match is a direct result of a challenge thrown down by Reed after Thorne accused him of “wasting” his opportunity in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

To say Reed and Thorne know each other well would be an understatement considering they rose through the Australian independent wrestling ranks together and Thorne takes credit for getting Reed into NXT. However, with Thorne believing he’s a cut above every Superstar who competed in the NXT Breakout Tournament (a group that included Reed), it appears there is no love lost between the self-described “Black Swan” and “Aus-zilla.”

Expect a hard-hitting battle when Reed’s brand of Australian Strong Style clashes with Thorne’s “meat-pie ugly” offense this week on NXT.

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