Shane Thorne: Bio

Shane Thorne

Shane Thorne has come a long way — from Perth, Western Australia, to be precise — to make it to NXT, and the path was anything but easy. Thankfully for the hard-hitting Superstar, he didn’t come alone.

Alongside fellow Aussie Nick Miller, Thorne spent years competing in tag ranks around the world, from Down Under to The Land of the Rising Sun, with the goal of one day becoming a WWE Superstar. Together, he and Miller captured tag titles wherever they went, and their natural talent earned praise from even the most hard-to-please critics. (When WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race goes knocking on the doors of WWE officials advocating on your behalf, you know you’ve done something right.) 

In May 2016, under the name TM61, Thorne & Miller stormed NXT to much fanfare, and it didn’t take long for the NXT Universe to see what the hype was all about. However, after a string of bad luck — starting with a devastating leg injury to Thorne, then a series of tough losses — the duo changed their attitude, adopting a ruthless, win-at-all-costs mentality.

Though their change in demeanor wasn’t popular with NXT fans, it proved effective in competition, and the team soon rechristened themselves as The Mighty, demanding that all other teams kneel before them.

Just don’t expect Thorne & Miller to return the favor. The Mighty, as they’re happy to remind everyone, don’t kneel.

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