Shane Thorne def. Joaquin Wilde

Shane Thorne def. Joaquin Wilde

After spending weeks bashing the NXT Breakout Tournament and its competitors, it was put-up or shut-up time for Shane Thorne as he battled tourney alum Joaquin Wilde.

Wilde’s high-risk, high-reward offense gave Thorne headaches and nearly cost the Australian Superstar the match: Thorne was almost counted out after being hit with back-to-back dives to the floor, only breaking the ref’s count with a second to spare before rolling back outside to recuperate.

Wilde tried to return the action to the ring, but that’s when Thorne came unglued. The self-described “Black Swan” yanked the NXT rookie to the floor and ran him into every steel object in sight, slamming Wilde into the ring post, steps and entrance ramp with malicious intent. Thorne then closed the books on Wilde for good, drilling him with a running knee strike for the victory.

Thorne showed little glee over the win, instead muttering to himself as he stormed back to the locker room, suggesting the campaign against the Breakout Tournament has driven The Worst well past his breaking point.

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