Damian Priest def. Raul Mendoza

Damian Priest def. Raul Mendoza

In contrast to the club-hopping, stretch-limo-riding night owl depicted in the vignettes promoting his debut, Damian Priest is nothing but business inside the ring.

Raul Mendoza found this out firsthand when he became Priest’s first conquest in NXT. The proud luchador dug deep into his arsenal to combat the imposing newcomer, using evasive tactics and a slew of strikes, but Priest stayed on the prowl. No matter what Mendoza threw at him, Priest could not be toppled, even after Mendoza drilled him with a jaw-dropping rope-walk dropkick.

Mendoza followed his tightrope feat with a tope suicida, but Priest — whom Nigel McGuinness described as “a man of the new millennium” — intercepted the attack and countered with a thunderous chokeslam onto the ring apron.

From there, The Archer of Infamy took aim and struck a bull’s-eye, cracking Mendoza with a spinning head kick before trouncing The Prestige with a rolling cutter for the victory — perhaps the first of many for NXT’s newest threat.

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