Johnny Gargano kicks off NXT

What?! Gargano and Ciampa unite in celebration: NXT TakeOver: Phoenix (WWE Network Exclusive)

Say it ain't so: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa celebrate together with their titles in hand after TakeOver: Phoenix: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Johnny Gargano’s decision to make 2019 all about “wins and championships” paid off spectacularly at TakeOver: Phoenix, as he defeated Ricochet to become the new NXT North American Champion. This Wednesday, Johnny Wrestling’s victory lap rolls into Full Sail Live, where he will kick off this week’s edition of NXT.

What will Gargano have to say about his huge triumph against The One and Only and his plans as champion? Just as important, will the new NXT North American titleholder shed any light on his shocking decision to appear onstage and celebrate side-by-side with his best friend-turned-worst enemy-turned, well, it’s unclear, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa at the close of TakeOver?

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