Nikki Cross def. Mercedes Martinez

Nikki Cross vs. Mercedes Martinez: WWE NXT, Oct. 31, 2018

NXT's Twisted Sister takes on Mae Young Classic alumna Mercedes Martinez in a rugged battle. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nikki Cross and her brand of chaos opened this week’s NXT, but this time NXT’s Twisted Sister engaged in a fierce battle against former Mae Young Classic competitor Mercedes Martinez, who recently put on a classic against Meiko Satomura in the tournament’s Second Round. Stepping inside the yellow ropes this week, The Latina Sensation carried that same energy, along with presenting a massive hurdle for NXT’s Twisted Sister.

In a true battle of brute force and unhinged aggression, the two brawlers vigorously (and visibly) pushed each other to their limits. When Cross attempted a sleeper hold, Martinez thrust her into the turnbuckle. When Martinez locked in a suffocating guillotine, Cross rattled her with a series of forearms. Both combatants put on a clinic, but Martinez, who appeared focused on sending a message to her fellow Superstars, looked like a shoo-in for the victory. Not only did The Latina Sensation hammer Cross with a canvas-pummeling spinebuster, but she also followed up with two backdrop drivers and a release German suplex. However, the onslaught only activated the chaos-craving Cross, who somehow recovered enough strength to drop Martinez with a neckbreaker and later down her with the Purge for the win.

After the referee’s three-count, Cross shared a friendly staredown with Martinez, before belting out an excited “That was fun!” The “fun” didn’t last long, though, as Candice LeRae made her way out to the ring and grilled Cross about “messing with people’s lives.” NXT’s Twisted Sister passed over the comments with maniacal laughter, leaving the ring only to walk into Aleister Black.

Aleister Black and Candice LeRae

The returning NXT Superstar, who was rocked with a superkick by Johnny Gargano last week, confronted Candice LeRae about her husband. The enraged Black had no time for a microphone, as he instead warned LeRae that he will make Gargano’s career fade to black. Afterwards, NXT General Manager William Regal made it official by announcing Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano for NXT TakeOver: WarGames II.

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