Bianca Belair def. Aliyah

Wearing fiery new ring gear, Aliyah wasn’t short on arrogance as she paraded around the ring before the opening bell of her match against Bianca Belair. Belair instantly made “The Cat’s Meow” pay, drilling Aliyah with a forearm that sent her bandana flying off her head. 

The hard hit was just the start for Belair. The EST of NXT nearly ripped Aliyah in two with shoulder blocks in the corner. Aliyah tried to lock on a guillotine hold, but Belair powered out into a suplex.  Belair also deadlifted Aliyah into a gorilla press before tossing her head-first into the turnbuckle like a lawn dart. The EST of NXT closed the books on the match and continued her winning ways by hitting a Torture Rack into a facebuster for the pin.

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