WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate def. Jack Gallagher

Tyler Bate vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher - WWE United Kingdom Championship Match: WWE NXT, April 26, 2017

Gentleman Jack Gallagher becomes only the second competitor to challenge Tyler Bate for the WWE United Kingdom Title in an NXT ring. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate and Gentleman Jack Gallagher could wrestle one another 100 times and they would deliver something new and entertaining every encounter. These British-born Superstars didn’t disappoint as they battled for the first time in front of the NXT Universe.

Gallagher’s technical prowess was on full display as he twisted Bate’s limbs like a pretzel. Bate showed the heart of a champion, enduring the pain of his gentleman challenger’s submission holds. Bate eventually managed to pry free of his opponent’s grasp to hit a rolling wheel kick before nailing the Tyler Drive ’97 for the victory.

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