WWE Now streams daily during WrestleMania 35 Week

WWE Now WrestleMania

WWE Now will head to the New York–New Jersey area for its fourth year of coverage of WrestleMania Week with exclusive interviews featuring Superstars from Raw, SmackDown LIVE and some surprise guests.

The shows will stream on WWE’s official Facebook and Twitter pages and YouTube channel, starting Wednesday at noon with an in-depth interview with Seth Rollins.

Schedule (subject to change):

Seth Rollins reflects on his road back to the World Championship picture | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston and Johnny Gargano talk about the state of WWE “Then, Now and Forever” | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Ali, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Bianca Belair sit down for a roundtable discussion about the future of WrestleMania | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Boss ’N’ Hug Connection and The Revival discuss the state of tag team competition in WWE — Saturday, noon ET

Live WrestleMania preview featuring WWE Champion “The New” Daniel Bryan with Rowan, Kurt Angle, WrestleMania host Alexa Bliss and more — Sunday, 1 p.m. ET

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